Nov 4, 2007
My Digital Life Editorial Team

Delete, Cancel and Terminate Facebook Account and Profile

Facebook is a popular social networking website comparable to MySpace. You may receive many invite requests from friends, coursemates, colleagues or family members to join Facebook to connect with them. So you join and sign up a Facebook account but think that may be a phone call is a much better way to bring relationship with friends closer or Facebook account has seriously invaded your privacy and security, you can easily terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account, together with the Facebook profile.

  1. Sign in to Facebook account.
  2. Click on Account link on the top right corner.

    Facebook Account

  3. On the “Settings” tab (click on Settings if you’re not already there), click on deactivate at the end of “Deactivate Account” line.

    Deactivate Facebook

  4. “Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation” page will load. Select one of the reasons why you want to delete your Facebook account, such as I don’t feel safe on the site, I spend too much time using Facebook, I have another Facebook account, This is temporary. I’ll be back, I need to fix something in my account, I don’t understand how to use the site, I receive too many emails from Facebook, I don’t find Facebook useful or Facebook is resulting in social drama for me. If you have some special reason on why you want to terminate your Facebook account not listed in the list, click on Other and type in your own explanation in the text box provided.

    Confirm Facebook Deactivation

  5. If you no longer want to receive any invite, notification of friend requests, tag in photos, or ask you to join groups from Facebook, click and tick the check box of Opt out of receiving emails from Facebook. option to opt out and NOT receive these email invitations and notifications from your friends.
  6. Click on Deactivate button.
  7. Once the Facebook account is deactivated, the following message will appear:

    Your Facebook account has been deactivated.

    To reactivate your account, simply log in as you normally would, and we’ll send you a reactivation email.

    Come back soon,
    The Facebook Team

  8. Now your Facebook account is deactivated, but still can be reactivated. So do not attempt to login with to your Facebook account anymore, as doing so will reactivate your account if you click on the reactivation confirmation link sent to your registered email. According to Facebook Privacy Policy, removed information may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time but will not be generally available to members of Facebook. So probably wait for a few months or years before attempting to login to verify that all your information is cleaned.

Although can be reactivated and restore your profile in its entirety (friends, photos, interests, etc), deactivation works to completely remove your profile and all associated content on your account from Facebook. In addition, users will not be able to search for you or view any of your information.

Facebook account deletion with no recovery option is slightly different procedure. Here’s how to delete Facebook account.

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  • Bobby Joe Chambers

    close out all my accounts please now

  • thomas oneill

    I tunned in because a friend asked me too.I am not thrilled with this site and wish to unsubcribe.

  • mac

    just wont a break

  • gauravshrestha
  • Andrea

    Can you delete me off face book please

  • Pradip Biswas


  • marty

    I forgot my password and can’t get a new one because I for got my email password. How do I delet my Facebook account now?

  • Kathy Slaughter

    i have to many facebook accts…how do i delete and start over

  • Basil de Doncker

    I want to delete my facebook account permanently

  • robert haynes

    I just want to play games here only. ok

  • Travis


  • Travis

    Drama. Divorcr

  • nazir

    I want to delete my account Facebook please.
    thank you



  • pradip pandey

    Without giving any infromation my account has been blocked.
    Either open it or close.

  • pradip pandey

    Either open my facebook account or close it permanently.

  • Mary Singleton

    I do NOT want the profile or facebook account. I do not want my name and information available that way. So please close and cancel the profile and again, I do not use nor do I want to use facebook.
    Thank You

  • kumajayalath5

    my facebook account block.

  • Dimple chawda

    I want to deactivate my facebook account bcz i spent too much time on facebook

  • Mamie Martinez

    I would like to cancel my Facebook acc. Thanks

  • i want to delete my fb account permanently

  • sirishaamu

    i want 2 delete my facebook account permanently

  • mary ann c golden

    get me off this site

  • george singarayar

    do not wish to have facebook account now

  • george rayar

    i do not wish to have facebook account now

  • george rayar

    do not wish to have facebook account at this time

  • rachel felton


  • rachel felton


  • nagarajmaragur


  • rahul sharma

    i want to delete or close my account on facebook

  • kirk nevin

    Please cancel my account. Thanks. Kirk

  • Saravana surya

    My fb blacked not opened. Plz my account delete.plz

    • smalik

      My fb has been blocked everytime and disable facebook is worst.

  • manoj goyal

    please remove my facebook account

  • murlidhar marshettiwar

    i want to cancel my facebooki

  • [email protected]

    Herewith I want to cancel my facebook membership/account.

  • Cynthia E Jones

    I no longer want to be on facebook, do not send any more of email, withdraw me from facebook, now

  • ed jones

    of no interest

  • alan

    remove me from facebook

  • vilkhu kulwant singh

    i want to cancel wy this face book account


  • Yuhanly Chew Irra

    Porfavor es urgente que me activen mi Facebook espero y que cumplan en activar mi facebook.

  • rosa sanchez

    i want to cancel my facebook acccount.

  • mohamed wad shikni

    pls cancel my facebook

  • veronica lazo

    Can you please delete my profile. I don’t want to have facebook.

  • german

    social problem

  • german

    Dont want problems

    • ambhekaikumar vijay

      i dont want to this face book account

  • LouisA Boyd

    for now I want to terminate my Facebook acct.

  • arlene willans

    just cannot take all these mails from one person on my e-mail page. will be back at a later date

  • mohamed suhaib vp

    no more

  • I want to delete my new facebook account. Becuase thas not good for the other facebook account. Please you want to delete this account please.

  • Mannsha Gupta

    I have deactivated my facebook account and after a year when one of friend search my name in facebook the same was shown in facebook. how it can happen when i have deactivated my facebook. please help because of this i am having lot of problem.

  • ashiq

    blocked account bolcked accound

  • esther

    quiero cancelar mi facebook

  • Naomi

    I whole heartedly agree with your comment .. I ended up on Facebook by mistake.. Realizing what goes on each and every day, I a a bit tired of getting messages that are of NO value to me. I tried several times to get Facebook deleted – no success! This article ist the best I’ve seen so far ..

  • ISSA


  • srinu

    this is temporary i will be back

  • reza

    youre really handy. tnx


    quiero cancelar esta cuenta

  • I have already commented. The account using my middle name is the imposter account but does have my info. my cell, my account but no profile info or photo. My real account is Cynthia Sweeney. It shows me sailing at sunset. Please get rid of the imposter one! I do not know any passwords now I have had so many and each reset time I got the fake account, ha, ha! I have spent many hours and don’t know what to say to fb but it would be deleted in a second heh!
    I had to change my primary email password and still am getting the fake one!!xzcnMNCi3485387845

  • agathe missodi

    it gives a lot of inqiusity to unconcern individuals making privacy a talk show.thus creating a world of renown gossipers.

  • lawyersteve

    I created a FB group a year ago to organise my old fraternity alumni (our

    house got booted off campus 13yrs ago) turns out there was also a FB group

    made of mostly younger bro’s 80’s vs 70’s, last week when I logged on I

    could’nt see my group just the other one.. which i’m a memeber of also and

    the only way to display is was to bring up the visible one and then hit

    MORE, and ask to “show older” I’m not the only admin. and there is no

    option to upgrade to a new group displayed. and the group is scheduled to

    be archived. Any insight?. thanks Steve

  • Reuben Moulton

    I wish to eliminate my Facebook page, because it is attempting to take too much of my time, and I don’t really find it useful to me.

  • toh wee ben

    i just do not know how to cancel my facebook account as my computer knowledge is limited to just know e-mail only the rest i just do not know how to do and the so many friends come in so as my computer keep on keep on hang hang i rather close my facebook account please please please sirs sirs sirs please help help me to close my facebook account thanks thanks

  • toh wee ben

    just cancel my facebook account please please please please please pleaswe

    • toh wee ben

      pleae please please please please please please please please cancel my facebook account

  • toh wee ben

    i just want to cancel my facebook account for good

  • toh wee ben

    i want to cancel my facebook account because too many friends come out which i do not know how what to do and make my computer all spoilt i rarel cancel my account

  • toh wee ben

    i do not know how to use computer so far only know e-mail that’s all for my knowledge for computer i enter facebook than a lot of things i just do not know and my computer become like etc can not support my gmail well i do not know how to do my friend tell me simply close facebook this is my purpose to cancel facebook

  • amy macalindong

    i want to terminate my account

    • mohamed suhaib vp

      nothing spcl

  • Larry Koch

    This is helpful. Thank you.

  • janet holdridge

    i want to cancel my facebooki

  • vaishali shetty

    kindly remove page from this web site

  • ilaf


  • bikram chand


  • LOL

    Are half the people here thinking that by typing “please cancel my facebook” on this non-Facebook blog page in the comments, this will delete their Facebook account for them? That’s hilarious! And sad. :o(

  • I have some problems and will be back in future, thanks.

  • Please I do not need facebook in my said account. Transffer it into an other account. Thank you.

  • delete my facebook account

  • Linda

    Forgot to say. You cannot even send an email to facebook to make comments, which is very frustating, too.

  • Linda

    I only got onto Facebook because a family member was, but I rarely use it. I find it NOT user friendly. Somehow I got to the settings box which is nice in appearance but it did not allow me to make any changes. If I clicked on something it took me back to the horrible facebook format display when you sign in, and when you try to make changes. There nothing there that allows you to save setting changes. There is a continuous listing of who you connected to in a repetitively and if you try to review or make a change it just jumps again to the facebookk format. I do not like my information being listed, so I am in process in cancelling.

  • waqas

    deactive my account

  • vidya reddy

    not interested

  • vidya reddy

    i have not created properly

  • carlos

    Please cancel my account temporary facebook … no interest in continuing to use it. Thankfully.

  • Habib rahman

    I Want to caclled our face book address and email


  • theresa courtman

    i do not want to use this site anymorethere are too many problems so please deactivate thank you

  • André MUller

    I want out!



  • danish

    good bay

  • Pham

    I don't want my daughter on the face book, because she is too

  • shivraj

    i want delet my gmail account



  • I just recently got a virus, it cost me quite a bit to have fixed the problem. I don't feel safe.

  • francisco-caninde

    I would like my Facebook account, become untied. REASON FOR PRIVATE CONTACTS WITH ALL THAT ARE IN MY MSN CAREFULLY … … … … .. FRANCISCO Canindé. AGURDO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE … ….

  • how do you delete the account when someone else has become you and has reset the password so that you cannot ever get back into your own account? When I tried to set a new password, they sent the information to my old hotmail account, which had been taken over by nefarious individuals. So, they then got back into my account. Facebook knew that Nigerians were in my first facebook account, but they still sent my new coded words and such to both my new email and to the commandered one. How stupid! Why would they do such a mean thing? I want to terminate the facebook with my name and to never ever have another account.

  • Bob Bone

    Question: I want to cancel my Facebook Page, but still keep my profile page. But I am afraid when I go to my account on Facebook Page and delete that account it will delete my profile page.
    How can I cancel one and not the other?

  • Madalena Gisoldi

    Please cancel my account permanently facebook … no interest in continuing to use it. Thankfully.

  • Richard Dick Beaulie

    I want off this god damn site RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already tried the "Facebook way" but I can't get the stupid codes right and I don't have a mobile phone.

  • Amelia Solomon

    please delete my account, facebook has no interest for me thank you

  • Gary Oswald

    Kindly delete me totally from facebook as I don't use it or don't want it.

  • claire hardcastle

    i want to cancel my Facebook but its been that long since i was on it and to deactivate my account but it keeps asking for my password and i haven't got a clue wat ity is and need to delete it asap

  • atul badani

    cancell my face book accunt and profile

  • Jonathan Yeng

    Please cancel all my web sites

  • delete facebook acco

    Canceling a facebook account is a good thing for everybody.
    Protect yourself ! delete your facebook account 🙂
    Lot of people do it every day and there still alive ! 😉

    • Anthony Davis

      delete facebook account

    • rupali narkar

      because i am not interested in facebook.

    • komal.

      sry bt don't understand how to use facebook???????????

  • joel davis

    I find facebook completely useless!!, very unhelpfull!!

  • Anita Collins

    Please deactivate my facebook account

  • bryce askew

    i want my facebook canceled

  • Redz

    why should i delete my fb while i can keep my privacy safe ? and i love fb really 🙂

    • James Sullivan Olive

      You're not exactly bright, are you ? You seem quite unaware that Facebook is simply hoarding all your information for God knows what.
      Read and be educated.

  • neena macwan

    Delete me from face book I do safenot ffeel

  • aftab

    i don't like to use facebook because everyday disable everyday i hate facebook bye

  • connie olivieri

    i wish to cance facebook account. not useful to me.

  • aneeshgnair

    i have another face book i want to cance l this face book account

  • aneeshgnair

    i am aneesh i want to cancel my face book account,because i have another account.

  • please cancel it

  • I would like to cancel my facebook account

  • Savanna

    I just dont want to be on this site.

  • Cancel my profile please profile Savanna Cudd

  • Please cancel my facebook profile I dont want to be on this website anymore.Savanna Cudd is my profile name.

  • I do not feel safe an was not supossed to ever go on facebook.

  • phillip talaka

    please delete my name phillip talaka from the facebook because somebody put my name on without my permission

  • hello i sabrina candace chartrand is contacting you and hwo ever else that could help me. my Face book and hotmail and msn are all hacked its been almost 2months that no one is helping me to delet it competly. can you help me to delet my facebook iam going to take this to court because noone is seeming to help me all i want to is cancel and DELET face book right now. Thank you

  • i want my profile removed compeletly,thanks

  • sandy casas


  • Hannah

    HAHAHAHA!!! This was like the joke of our entire classroom this morning. The stupidity of the general public. That's right.. those of you who don't know how to read and are posting here to please have your facebook deleted. *bangs head on table* It's truly a sad world we live in. How many people running this site and namely this page who just shake their heads because it's all they can do.


    Hey everyone, your lack of intelligence is astounding. Please go swallow a knife.

  • I do not wish to be on facebook .please cancel

  • please delete my face book too much drama

  • Lanny Dvorak

    I am trying to cancel my facebooks as I was scammed from a sight in San Jose, Ca on weds at 3:12am using firefox for win7. they entered my email, sent out a distress call to several of my friends asking for money… I now longer feel save on facebooks. I can't submit as my password will not work, hacker must have changed the password and I'm not aware what it is…

  • kavita

    i will be back taking a break

  • plzzzzzzzz delete my facebook account imejetly

  • Subrata Dey

    Cancel my face book account PLS, and thanx .

  • please delete my facebook account

  • plz delete my facebook account

  • amieylieya zaz

    please…….. it so important….. please quickly delete my facebook… next year i will open new facebook again… please delete my facebook….. help me…. thank you…

  • amieylieya zaz

    please….. delete my facebook profile…. besause i have forgetten my password and i can not log in… please delete my facebook.. help me…… :'(

  • amieylia zaz

    please delete my facebook because i have forgetten my password. please…. thank you..

  • Veronika

    I want to re-activate my account on FB but it is not, apparently entered the e-mail address there is no valid account … pomoooc, I want it back ….

  • rommy
  • DatewithSpring

    This is pretty funny. Why do people post request to cancel FB account…

  • i want to cancel my facebook please & thank you

  • mi

    this article might help because someone is soooo stupid and i don't like be friend with stupid person also people.

  • Borgo

    Hey people! It's not necessary to leave comments saying "Cancel my facebook" — this web site is a third-party site offering instructions on how to do it. This is not Facebook!

  • i want delete my accont facebook complitly

  • one

    please cancel my fb account..please….

  • cabdikariin cawaale


  • Yahya

    Cancel my face book account PLS, and thanx .

  • Stella Lettieri


  • Mohammad sohail

    plese cancel my account this time thank you

  • louiesa

    i want to leva facebook

  • helen shurrock

    please cancel my subscription to facebook.

  • please kindly delete and cancel my profile from face book because people do read my message on face book.

  • Dan Pueblo

    Hi, can any one help me about my prob, i created a Fan Page in FB only Fan page, accidentally i created a profile, which i though its for the page, and now i have a profile which i dont like and i want to stay like page account only.

    Is there any way to remove the profile? all i want to manage is the page not the profile..

    Hope you can help me TY

  • Nasir

    nice and great effective

  • Olga

    Please cancel my facebook completely, immediately as I don't like the people that are contacting me. I don't know them. That is not the reason I joined.

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  • lance

    please delete my facebook account,i just want to protect my identity

  • masher

    Just deactivated my account. Feels good. Maybe now I can get that Facebook stink off.

  • Loerel

    Permanently Delete your facebook, takes 14 days to process.

  • I have nothing to say to anyone. Was born 1931, please cancel thank you

  • shameeka williams

    i am not interested in facebook anymore and people are getting nosy

  • shameeka williams

    i am not interested in facebook anymore

  • terminated

  • delete

  • Aidan
  • allen senicka

    i'm getting emails from people I don't know.

  • vance johnson

    delete my facebook account

  • vance johnson


  • plese remove me from facebook under this address

  • please remove me from face book.profil and account

  • please remove me from face book ,my profile and account….

  • cristina

    finally i was able to find a way to deactivate FB. i had 2 accounts and i thought i had deactivated it but i still kept getting notifications, hopefully this time it worked.

  • facing many problem

  • do not use facebook please cancel my membership

  • facebook-anonymous

    Since FC doesn't actually delete your profile why don't you fill it with random/inaccurate information, including fake photos, etc, or delete as much as you can, then deactivate.

  • To much time spent on computer, sore back.

    Thanks Ron Sivak

  • Moss Nightship

    I really really want a function that does the absolute termination oc my account. FuckBook can actually fuck off because "you can always log in but never permanently log out".


  • Bob

    I don't mind being on facebook.. it's just lately I've been getting some shonky emails from the african countries.. also it's taking too much of my work time.

  • mikey

    is it possible to terminate as in their was no history ever of you? like you cant even reactivate or anything, onyl thing u can do is make a new account and start over?


  • I am done with facebook, cancel it please.

  • Waste of my time with something not used.

  • kid in pa

    i hate facebook ppl r soooooooooooooo noseyyyy more than u know

  • hlava

    facebook is FBI,CIA in one, they control you…

  • blah

    facebook is stupid.

  • please remove me from facebook.

  • nan

    please cancel my facebook account and profile.i am not interested in this site.plez cancel my every thing on this site.

  • Raza

    not of any use

  • robert conary

    this site is stupid

  • leila

    i dont feel i'm safe in this site

  • leila

    i don't feel i'm safe in this site

  • leila

    derermined my account

  • emily

    thank u i was getting soo sick of tht stupid website

  • Samantha Terrey

    Please remove me from Facebook.

  • sheree jones

    not interested

  • Not interested

  • mayra

    not interested

  • mayra

    no interested

  • fiona loveridge

    please cancel my subscription to facebook

  • rieta

    Please cancel my subscription to FaceBook. Thank you

  • Oscar

    please remove me on facebook, coz is boring me.


    I WANT TO CANCEL MY facebock

  • Please cancel my facebook for good ..

  • i dont like this site this is too public site.

  • Valerie Bolton

    Not useful to me -please cancel immediately.

  • Earl Doores

    Ihave lost my pass word and changed my email address and can not get on facebook. You mite as well drop me since I can't get on.

  • kingsley Appiah

    i have another facebook account

  • kingsley Appiah

    i wanna quit

  • please delet me foom facebook i hate facebook i do not want anything to do with facebook.just delet me off facebook facebook is the worst i have ever seen.get me off this sorry facebook

  • Can anyone tell me what is going on?i have tried loggin numerous times and tried to reset password to get a message that tells me only valid emails or phones are accepted then gives me a capticha challenge where i can enter code that facebook sent me but when i put code in it tells me wrong code.

  • pisses fb user
  • Pissed fb user

    i have some how lost my password

    when facebook first started i had to change my password like 3 times as it would not work, now i can remember it and would like to cancel that facebook account ? help please ?

  • kede

    I do not want nothing to do with it was mistake

  • alexis

    delete my account

  • andry

    facebook saya telah di hack orang dan telah ditutup akunnya tetapi selalu muncul lagi tanpa saya aktifkan. bagaimana caranya supaya tidak aktif lagi kerena sering mengupload foto yg tidak senonoh

  • marinos

    please cancel my subscription to facebook

  • spaceface

    Cancelled facebook, it has a pseudo purpose in life and does not allow pseudo names.

    Great post, loved the fact how you visually showed how you can delete facebook.

    If people still want to stay face-2-face connected, start your own "facebook" on Ning.

  • YuP…FAcebOOk SUcKs … Gara2x Nge aDd BanYAK TemEn, AkUN w Di nON aKtifKAn, PADAHAL SiTus SoCIAL NEtWOrkiNG YAnG funGsiNYA Untuk MenCAri TEMEn, TAPI KenaPA Di NOn AKtifiN KLO SeriNG aDd TEMEn (PadaHAL FB W TiDAK aDA Foto POrNO)…PaYAh….NOT ProFEssioNAL, KLO emanG ProfessioNAL, kNaPA NGA DiBAtesiN Add HariaNnya Aja…MisaL : DalaM 1 HAri MaksiMAL 100x aDd, kLO MeLEbIhI BAtaS itu, MAka TiDaK bsa Add, UNtuk BsA NGe aDD LaGi HArus NUnggU EsOk HAri…InI BAru ProfessiONaL


    NoTe: BuaT PenGGeMAR FB / FB MAnIA …. sOrrY

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  • Keith mcdonough

    I want to keep face book but don't want to receive text mesages

  • Up yours

    Stupid article. Where the hell is the part about deleting you numb skull.

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  • Jody McAdams

    I want to stay on facebook, but want to remove the auto sign in. I want to type in my password. I have as yet found out how to disable auto log in. Please help!


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  • Serena

    Thank you so much, i really didn't know many people in my school used facebook. so i tried it under a fake first name and a real last one and i didn't like it. Thanks again

  • Lucas

    Hola saves la guia me sirvio para Desactivar mi facebook pero yo lo que nesesito es borrarlo , que no se pueda activar nuevamente si alguien me pueda responder porfavor,Gracias


    Hello you served to guide me off my facebook but I need deleted it, it can not be activated again if someone can answer me please, Thanks

    sorry my english sucks is google translation.

  • shi-fuu

    wouldnt it be much more clever if you delete all your photos videos and everything before you deacrivate your account ?

    otherwise it's clear that these things will rest in peace on facebook servers. right ?

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  • barbara turner

    i,m trying to cancel my face book account andthey are making it very difficult to do so.

  • nesesito eliminar mi facebook

    como puedo eliminarlo

  • hola

  • Celeste

    Fallecio mi cuñado el 16/01/09 y la gente no le deja en paz en el facebook… se puede ahcer algo para q la gente deje de escribir o eliminar su facebook??

    XFA necesito una respuesta…


  • nico

    gracias muy util

  • friendly

    except for your mother, she speak fluently anus!


  • John Doe

    Speak English people, other languages are stupid… everyone should speak english.

  • ginger

    hallo, ich möchte mein facebook account löschen, da ide seitre kaputt ist und auf nichts mehr reagiert. aber genau deswegen kann ich nicht auf den "deactivate"- bottom klicken.! :S

    was kann ich tun?

  • Sí, puede seguir viendo tu perfil tus fotos son de propiedad de facebook! y no las borraran de sus registros porque aseptaste los terminos.

  • hola… nena la verdad no se tampoco, por eso quiero q me ayudes a desactivar mi correo en facebook no me esta gustando por favor … gracias

  • conns

    Ayuda… Desde hace casi una semana he estado esperando que me llegue el mail para reactivar mi cuent ay no llega. Alguien sabe cuánto tiempo tarda? Que puedo hacer para que me llegue?




  • Cesy

    Hola, muchisimas gracias por la informacion.

    me sirvio de mucho, saludos. bye

  • cottonsnark

    Thanks. It had run it's course. I'm very happy that my whole profile is forbidden now.

  • delete facebook

    I think that with the new facebook look, more and more people will want to delete their facebook account.

    People just got so used to the old look that they could navigate quickly in between their work day, but now it takes longer and the cannot do facebook things as quickly as before.

  • estefania

    Hola necesito ayuda urgente, no puedo entrar a mi cuenta facebook, dice que la contraseña y el mail no coninciden y al rekerir la contraseña, me dice ke el mail no esta registrado 🙁 . Aunke no pueda volver a entrar a mi pagina.. por ultimo ke se pueda eliminar. Por favorrr ayudenme, ke no se si me robaron la contraseña o ke paso.

    gracias, espero su ayuda

  • feny

    gracias me sirvio de mucho

  • pablo
  • Cindy


    gracias por la información, fue muy útil..

    Yo les expliqué en inglés y todo el porqué no me gustaba Facebook.

    Aún así, tengo una pregunta:

    ¿Si tengo mi cuenta desactivada, la gente podrá seguir viendo mi perfil aún?

    Espero y alguien me responda 🙂

  • sofia


    Est ce que quelqu'un peut me dire comment faire pour fermer un groupe que j'ai créé sur facebook?

    Merci de votre aide

  • jimmy exequiel gomez

    quiero eliminarlo porque no me a servido como esperaba y mas me a hecho daño por favor borren todos los datosfotos y mensages pliss me arian el mejor favor del mundo chao

  • Z.J.D

    qedao eliminada totalemnte del facebook???

    quiero estar en cer registro del facebook es posible????

  • j.m.c.e

    hola, porq asen esto? el facebook es una erramienta util que te permite incluso contactarte con amigos que no veias ase tiempo

  • mario esparza

    kiero elimar mi cuenta en facebook

  • gracias por enceñarme a desactivar e facebook


  • Enoka

    Please delete my profile from face book

  • nayive correa

    no quiero tener mas facebook, porfa

  • quiero borrar para siempre mi facebook todo que no quede ningun registro mio plis

  • Chantelle Holtzhause

    Please unsubscribe me from facebook.

  • Monica

    muy util tu informacion pero yo no quiero cerrar mi cuenta nde facebook yo quiero es eliminar, cerrar un grupo que yo cree en facebook y no veo como, pueden ayudarme?

  • iwant my facebook acount to be permanantly deleted becourse i am getting alot of problems getting into it an i am fed up of so please delete it nom.

  • eduardo

    gracias ya pude eliminar esa porqueria que es el facebook

  • Anna

    Tengo un problema, no puedo acceder a mi cuenta de facebook ya que me dice que he intorducido varias veces mal mi contraseña. Como puedo eliminar la cuenta si no puedo acceder a ella?


  • juan carlos

    por favor reactivar mi cuenta de face book

  • Sangiseni

    delete me on this thing idont fill safe

  • Sangiseni

    i dont fill safe in face book

  • please cancel my subscription to facebook ?

  • Unfortunately the steps presented above are only a deactivation and not a permanent deletion of a facebook account. To permanently delete your facebook account follow the step-by-step guide at

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  • samantha

    Please cancel my facebook..for good

  • leo

    deleted my profile.

  • thanks for the info – got my account deleted immediately

  • please cancel my subscription to facebook ?

  • I am really gutted about my account being disabled. I had alot of good friends on there. And i was really enjoying it pls can you enable me. Thanks jason