Aug 7, 2007
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Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 Stand Alone Offline Installer Direct Download Link

Yahoo! MessengerIf you go to Yahoo! Messenger official download page to download latest version of Yahoo! Messenger (, you will end up with a small installer file which will in turn need to be installed and run to download the full setup files for Y! Msgr, and then only complete the installation of Y!Mgr. It’s not a good idea if you prefer to perform offline installation, and troublesome for those without want to install Yahoo! Messenger on PCs without Internet access.

However, as with previous version of Yahoo! Messenger, it’s possible to download full complete standalone installer setup file for Yahoo! Messenger via a direct download link. This stand alone setup program can install Yahoo! Messenger offline, and will install straight away without downloading anything extra. It’s the same file that the small Yahoo! Messenger setup initiator downloads if you download the ‘partial installer’ from Yahoo!.

Download Yahoo! Messenger Full Installer verson

Update: Download Yahoo! Messenger

  • Mujahid

    plz tell me how to get a yahoo messenger without downloading

  • eduard

    plz help me to set up my yahoo messenger

  • wendell

    hey. why is it like that?? i found nothing.. i click the link and nothing's happened. i wish it could have some instructions to follow how to download the the ym setup. i started trying to download the linked file from 8am and until now (6:28pm) still i can't install it.

  • http://yahoomassengger8 samir

    its realy a bird.

  • samir

    what a nice

  • nikhil

    i need yahoo messenger setup

  • Lampardino

    Hi? how can i open new version of yahoo messenger

  • http://www.sha sha


  • awin


  • awin

    how to download yahoo messenger? i realy want to know.. :((

  • abcl
  • raja

    i needed yahoo messenger offline installer

  • alex

    i want yahoo messenger

  • abdo


  • http://ize ize

    ize merge sau nu merge nu stiu

  • Stallon Selvan

    All localized versions

    (admin do not copy this post pls :) )

  • admin
  • Anjanesh

    Is the Y! Messenger 9 beta full-installer link available ?

  • abir

    i want to freely use yahoo messenger with voice chat.if it need required to download please send me setup.exe file

  • abir

    want to downloada free yahoo messenger & voice chat with setup.exe file.

  • admin

    Pengoblin, are you getting blur, or just too much free time? Read article above, you get to download full setup offline installer via direct link from Yahoo. No mess no dirty work.

  • Pengoblin

    I have tried the trick you used to get the offline installer of YM using the temporarily downloaded file but sometimes I forgot to copy it before yahoo messenger finish and then delete it. So I came with a simple trick using an invalid proxy assumming you're not using the same proxy server I used in this simple tutorial:

  • Kaggy

    Wonderful !

    This is really useful as an addition to an "emergency backup pack" of installer files just in case of a HD crash or a Windows crash

  • grayfox
  • grayfox

    what about this

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