Jan 30, 2007
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Download Adobe Reader (Acrobat PDF) 8 Standalone Offline Full Installer

Adobe Acrobat 7 has been upgraded to Adobe Acrobat 8, and so do the its popular companion software Acrobat Reader, which has been upgraded to version 8 too. Acrobat Reader, formerly known as Acrobat Reader, is the free download and free application necessary to view and print Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files, which is widely used as a way to present information with a fixed layout similar to a paper publication.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

You can always download latest version of Adobe Reader 8.0 from Adobe website. However, the setup file that you downloaded is actually a download manager which has a small download size. The Adobe download manager later will be launched for configuration options and then download the actual installer setup files for Adobe Reader once you have finished select the components you want. This miniature installer is not useful if you want to install Adobe Reader in other computer while offline or for backup or installation file. For offline installation and other purposes, it’s best to download the full installer instead, which can be used to setup and install Acrobat Reader 8 even when you’re not connected to Internet. The direct download links to various localized language editions of Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 is listed below.

English (US and UK): AdbeRdr80_en_US.exe

Danish: AdbeRdr80_da_DK.exe

German: AdbeRdr80_de_DE.exe

Dutch: AdbeRdr80_nl_NL.exe

Chinese Simplified: AdbeRdr80_zh_CN.exe

Chinese Traditional: AdbeRdr80_zh_TW.exe

Finnish: AdbeRdr80_fi_FI.exe

French: AdbeRdr80_fr_FR.exe

Italian: AdbeRdr80_it_IT.exe

Japanese: AdbeRdr80_ja_JP.exe

Korean: AdbeRdr80_ko_KR.exe

Norwegian: AdbeRdr80_nb_NO.exe

Portuguese: AdbeRdr80_pt_BR.exe

Spanish: AdbeRdr80_es_ES.exe

Swedish: AdbeRdr80_sv_SE.exe

Update: Adobe Reader 8.1 Full Version Download

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    Thank you so much for this, much needed to avoid the Adobe idiotic sites with basically no access to any older stand alone install and links bringing you back to the latest version.
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    Thanx a lot, I searched for Adobe download but now all links are directed to adobe site which is SELLING the product.So I have no choice but to settle for Adobe 8, and still all links go to adobe who is ONLY SELLING the new product;I tried your site and presto ! I got adobe 8 (which is fine with me).

    Thanx friend; drop in a line and i'll try to help with what I can………….

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    Thanks for providing this.

    I have had dreadful problems with reader 9.0 on domains that use application folder redirection to UNC paths – hence reverting to version 8 – hope this works

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  • Thank you! Proxies never like these auto download setups…full versions are much better!

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    P.S. I like the "machine translator" you have on your website, and noticed you have a lot of the Eastern European Countries, which, quite frankly would help our site tremendously. Can you let me know where to get it from if possible. Thanks Again! Steve.

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  • Adobe
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    I downloaded Acrobat Version 8, but it is having error 6717.439.02.0.10054

    If possible, pl mail me the rectified version of the software.


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  • Mitch

    The offline installer is also available on the Adobe ftp site at http://ftp.adobe.com.

    It's in the /pub/adobe/reader/ folder.

    From this point, you choose the your OS and version. I found the installer for version 8.0 and 8.1 at this address:


    Hope this helps.

  • Denman

    Wow! Cool! This is actually useful for those with dial-up internet connection. BTW, can you tell how did you figure out the links to the full offline installer?

  • Lionidus

    adobe reader 8 wont let me accept the end user agreement, therefore the program will not operate.

    whats wrong?

  • admin

    Thanks. Have updated with new info.

  • canuter

    The Correct link to the spanish version is this one-> http://ardownload.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/

  • Spriko


    After installing AdbeRdr80_nl_NL.exe, when clicking Help->Check for updates, the Reader offers me 1 update:

    Language support for Reader 8.0

    Description: …adds dictionaries for spelling check…

    Size: 13.6 Mb

    Where do I download this update?


    The Dutch text reads:

    "Taalondersteuning van Adobe Reader 8.0"

    "Met deze update worden woordenboeken toegevoegd voor spellingcontrole van formuliervelden en notities voor meerdere talen."

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    I've been searching for these links since the 8 version was released. In the Adobe download page it's hidden, you can't find the offline installer.

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